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Rishabh Bhola

Rishabh Bhola

A proficient psychologist with expertise in addressing Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Couple Counselling, Low Sexual Desire, Dhat Syndrome, and Nightfall.

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Who Is A Psycho-Sexologist?

Psychosexology, a specialized branch within the realm of psychology, explores the intricate connection between psychological well-being and sexual health. Professionals in this domain, referred to as "Psychosexologists" is a term that refers to professionals who specialize in the study and treatment of psychological and sexual issues., play a pivotal role in tackling and remedying a diverse range of sexual concerns.

They contribute to enhancing individuals' comprehension of their sexuality and cultivating healthier intimate relationships. This distinct profession seamlessly integrates psychological expertise with a specific focus on human sexuality, aiming to assist individuals in overcoming challenges and achieving a gratifying and fulfilling sexual life.

As an interdisciplinary field, psychosexology amalgamates principles from psychology, sexology, and therapy to scrutinize and address various facets of human sexuality. Psychosexologists are equipped to comprehend the psychological, emotional, and relational factors influencing sexual health or dysfunction. Their scope of work encompasses a wide spectrum, spanning sexual education, counseling, and therapy for both individuals and couples.


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